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Reality Check

growing up
Two things I really really hated to hear when I was growing up – ‘You’ll understand when you grow up’ & ‘That’s what you say now, but just wait.’ The first I stopped believing quite a bit before now, seeing as I’m now 25 and still don’t understand things. I don’t get why staying up past 10 is a punishable offence or why I need permission to get my hair styled even though I’m 26 going on 27. I’m as grown up as it is possible to get & no closer to enlightenment.

As for seeing things differently when I’m older or in this case when I have my own kids, there’s just one way to find out. One sticking point between my mom and me has been how much control parents should have over the behaviour, thoughts & feelings of their adult offspring. I say none while she says all. Will I be singing the same tune when I’m 50 and my kids 20? How do I find out? Time to put my money where my mouth is & my words on paper aka my blog. Reality Check time. Will an older & wiser me look back & laugh at my naiveté? I rather hope I can point to this post and laugh in the face of all who predicted otherwise.

The 5 Commandments
  1. Do not go to jail. Unless necessary.
  2. Do not get addicted to drugs/cigarettes/alcohol/money. Ain't worth it kid.
  3. Never change yourself for others. Do it only if you’re convinced you were wrong.
  4. Subject to the above, Be Happy & Enjoy Life!
I’m pretty sure that covers the lot. I hope I can raise kids who can figure out the rest by themselves. Now if only I can remember this list and keep things in perspective while my 5 year old empties the ink bottle on my cashmere or the 20 year old wants to pierce an eyebrow!

P.S: Remember that jewellery is just carbon and gadgets just silicon. Now you’re all set.


  1. Well said girl!

    I agree to every point on short and simple list of yours. Hope we don't add much to it when we turn 50. :) ... And we never make our kids live our life rather than their own.

  2. Hopefully we'll be too busy living our lives so we have no need of theirs ;)

  3. That's a pretty good list I must say, but I have some reservations about the first one, and don't think the third one is really a commandment.

    My list would have this as number one:
    1. Don't be an asshole.

  4. I kinda assumed that any kid of mine would be the kind who would be called an asshole by the people who aren't supposed to know such things :) (you know holier than thou type) but maybe I should just replace my 3 with your 1.
    Coz yeah that isn't really a commandment. What reservations do you have about 1?

    1. Being an asshole is different from being called an asshole according to me.

      But I don't fully understand what you mean by "I kinda assumed that any kid of mine would be the kind who would be called an asshole by the people who aren't supposed to know such things" ?

    2. You know the kind of people who say you shouldn't swear or watch ftv and who know what's best for the rest of the earth? What's the word for them aah sanctimonious that's it.
      But yeah I appreciate the distinction too.
      Kinda like what I told my sis, any guy who can call himself a pretentious prick can't be all that bad ;)

    3. It's a shame you can't +1 comments here ;) and its a pain in the ass the ass to go through recaptcha hoops to post a comment!
      Google, are you listening? (Damn, can't + mention anyone either!)

    4. Can't edit comments either! Grrrrrr

      Do us a favour and start posting you blogs on G+ !

    5. I usually put up the links to my posts on Google+. Maybe I missed this one I don't know.

  5. Going to jail can happen due to any number of reasons, including going against the authority. But if he/she believes in something truly and it goes against the beliefs of the authority at that time, then he/she should not give up on their values just because it may land them in jail.

    I know it's a very long shot, but when you are talking about leading your life by a set of commandments, better be thorough than sorry. Just my 2 cents.

    1. I guess I didn't think that part through. I was thinking more along the lines of doing stupid shit and going to jail for it (drunk driving, road rage etc). I think I'll change it - don't go to jail, except when you have to.

    2. You actually wrote he/she. Applause.

    3. Yeah, but later got too lazy to use "him/her" and used "their" and "them" instead. :P
      Seriously though, you are the only one who observes these stuff. The applause is much appreciated.

    4. Right back at you, you noticed my apostrophe didn't you? :) and like I said you're the first I've ever met!


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