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LIC Terms Of Service

Any self respecting website or software service has a Terms of Service and privacy policy; they are the Internet’s equivalent of what we used to call the fine print. You have to agree to accept them before you sign up for an account. I have to ask though, when was the last time you actually read through any of those? It’s tempting to just scroll down to the end and check the little box saying “I agree”. Most of the time this is pretty harmless as they’re all standard boiler plate text, just shy of being copy paste affairs. But sometimes blindly clicking through may have consequences! Every time you buy an insurance policy from LIC, you’re agreeing to some awful T&C. I hereby present the unwritten   yet completely loophole free and airtight Terms of Service of the Life Insurance Corporation of India. Every customer hereby agrees to abide by the following Terms of Service set in force by the LIC of India herein after called LIC, when purchasing any insurance policy - Resp