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Which Narrative Is The Truth?

Quite some time ago, there was a discussion on Google+ about a blog post by Mr. Sandeep in response to an article in the Business Standard by Ms. Nilanjana S Roy . And today, +Praveen Kulkarni again posted the original article and further discussion ensued. Going through my original comments, I felt it would make a good blog post and so here it is. It is my original comment (I know, way too long for a comment which is why it is now a blog post!) with just some minor changes. ( Reading the original Business Standard article and the post by Mr. Sandeep is necessary to better understand what I'm talking about) Which explanation is the truth? An honest reading of the original Ramayana reveals that Sita held Rama in the highest esteem throughout the epic. The author criticizes Namita Gokhale by asking if she time-traveled and saw Sita being a single mother. Then did he also time-travel and confirm that what the epics say about Sita's feelings are really true? H

Happy Endings - Part II

Continued... About a month ago, I wrote about a post about my birthday. In that post I mentioned a list of things I love about birthdays and that I don't usually get every item on that list. Except I did. For this birthday, thanks to my husband, I got every single one on the list - cake, ice cream, chocolate, idiyappam, gifts, shopping, new clothes, books! Like I said, everything. It was, as I thought it would be, a perfect birthday. So where did I leave off in the last post? Yes, that's right, the worst birthday ever (till date I mean). By the end of 2011, I was beginning to wonder if I was ever going to get out of the pit I found myself in. To be sure, the last 3 months at LIC - quitting needs 90 days notice - were the most fun I ever had in that company. I didn't have to do anything anymore, just show up for work and collect my paycheck. On the other hand, the series of meetings I had with prospective husbands was not so encouraging. Do you have any idea how h

Book Review - Anthonology

Short Stories I have just finished reading this collection of short stories by Piers Anthony. It contains a total of 21 stories, varying widely in theme. From precocious children to horror & torture, this collection has it all. Each story is accompanied by autobiographical notes by the author regarding the background of the story, like how he got the idea for a story or how many times it made the rounds of publishers before finally seeing publication. Now I've read such collections by other authors such as Isaac Asimov & Arthur Clarke and have always loved the chance to get a peek into the author's mind. Depending on the author, the notes about a story can be as funny/thought provoking as the story itself. I didn't like this particular one though.  Regardless of the quality of the actual stories - and they are quite good - the paragraphs about the stories themselves, seem whiny to me. Almost every introduction comes with the obligatory it was rejected t

My Favorite Android Apps

I've been an android user for a long time and droid fan for even longer. I love fiddling and tinkering with my phone and as such try out a lot, and I do mean a lot, of apps. I keep some and discard others while some I use for a long time before finding a better alternative.  So these are some of the apps I use either on a regular basis. They may not be popular or have the most 'features' but they do what I want them to do. 1. Fabrik Library View Reading View This is the most visually appealing ebook reader on Android right now. Not only is the reading view fully customizable (font, line spacing, alignment, theme, size of font etc), it looks pretty good out of the box. If you want to get started reading right away, this is the app for you. The other major feature is the dead-simple syncing it offers through Dropbox. Link the app to your dropbox and it'll upload your books there. From then, every other device you use this app on, will open up the boo