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I recently found this post on G+, about marriageability and rape sentencing in India. I understood 2 important things from that post: 1. There are no rules on sentencing rapists in India 2. Rapists get lighter sentences if their victim is married, not a virgin, or gets married before the trial. I know some of you would be shocked on reading this. Unfortunately I also know that the majority will not. Proof? The fact that the above continues to happen to this day. Whenever there is a new rape case reported in the paper, the media explodes. Including blogs. There are reactions everywhere, discussions about how to reduce such incidents and almost invariably, accompanied by advice to women everywhere on how to avoid getting raped. Some of the random advice in media, which are supposed to help me avoid being raped: 1. Do not wear ponytails because the rapist can use that to hold me. 2. Do not wear short skirts or tight jeans because it will be used to quest

Why Visit Temples? Myths Debunked

The last conversation I had with my mother, she asked me what my plans were for my birthday (it's just 2 days away!). Before I could answer, she rushed in to tell me to go to a temple, any temple. Once upon a time I would have argued with her, because she would make me go. Now I just don't bother, what with a couple of continents and oceans separating us! But that didn't stop me from having a quite satisfying argument about visiting temples in my head. So here is the mental argument, laid down for my readers. The Question: Why should a person* visit a temple?   Note: Person here refers to a Hindu person, I don't intend to discriminate but certain temples only allow Hindus. Myth 1. To visit God Hmm, but isn't God everywhere? Why do I have to go to a temple? The puja room, present in practically every Hindu home, won't do? For that matter, if you really believe God is everywhere, I can pray just sitting at my laptop! He's inside me too right? Myth

Happy Endings

Another year and one more birthday to celebrate! I love birthdays - the cake, the gifts, the wishes from friends, the party, the trips, the chocolate, the new clothes, the shopping... While I don't get everything on every one of my birthdays, I usually manage most of them.  Two birthdays ago though, life wasn't all so well. March 2011 got the honor of making it to my top 5 Worst Birthdays Of All Time . In fact it was THE worst, beating out the previous record which was when my parents forgot my birthday! And why was it so bad? So no one told you life was going to be this way. Your job's a joke, you're broke, your love life's DOA. It's like you're always stuck in second gear, Well, it hasn't been your day, your week, your month, or even your year.    2011 was so not my year.  But this story, like all my favorites, has a happy ending. This year I'm all set to celebrate the best birthday I've had till now, in all my 27 years of life