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The ‘n’ Laws of Getting Married

Way back in 2009 (Feb to be precise) I wrote this post on the Great Indian Tamasha aka The Arranged Marriage. At that time, it was merely a rant brought on by reading some random blog I had come across. I was just getting acquainted with the theory of marriage – as concerning me – while my parents were about to embark on the Search. Almost exactly two years later, my parents are still looking while I’m getting a crash course on Marriage 101. These then are the first 5 Laws of Getting Married – applicable to most Indian Girls - I have to tone myself down – far as I can tell, it means I talk too much. Once upon a time, my mom used to bemoan the fact that I don’t talk, now she wants me to shut up. Go figure! Of course what she really means is that I’m way too outspoken and frank which do not bode well for my future as a wife. I am expected to demonstrate my ability to talk in Telugu while conversing with prospective grooms; never mind that the groom is an NRI and talking

Palms Away!

Something unusual happened recently. My mom and I visited a friend of her brother, who just happened to be a Palmist. (See Palmist ). He has some rather sensible T & C before he agrees to read your palm; sensible for a palmist anyway! Although my mom was pretty disappointed with his ‘predictions’, I was fascinated by his description of my personality solely by looking at my palm. Here’s a short version of what he said, translated from Telugu: Revolutionary..not a general hand..High level of self need of external long as I’m convinced I’m right, I don’t care for the majority.. feminist.. dislike explaining myself in respect of allegations.. love driving, like solving puzzles.. good cook but do not like to cook.. strong sense of justice.. retribution rather than mercy.. loyal, hate traitors.. frank and straight forward.. do not like hypocrites.. good managerial ability.. talker.. high levels of persuasiveness.. aptitude for marketing,judiciary,military