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Top 5 Reasons To Date A Geek Girl

The rise of Google, Twitter and Facebook has changed many things in this world, one of them being the image of a geek. Used to be that geeks sucked in gym, were weird people who argued a lot about Star Trek like it mattered and everyone picked on them in high school. Now everyone knows they’re the ones you wind up working for as adults. Tech companies scramble to hire them and woo them with everything from gourmet food to fitness facilities. They earn twice as much as people in most other jobs and if they aren't employed, it’s only because they will soon be creating the next Google, Facebook or Twitter in their garage. In short, Geeks are cool!   But there is a certain sub species of said geeks which is only now started to come into its own. The G eek Girl . Once dismissed as a mythical creature, geek girls are more common than you might think. Because of their rarity, geek girls have always been looked at with awe. But are geek girls really awesome? Is it worth the ef