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Top 5 Reasons To Date A Geek Girl

Geeks vs NerdsThe rise of Google, Twitter and Facebook has changed many things in this world, one of them being the image of a geek. Used to be that geeks sucked in gym, were weird people who argued a lot about Star Trek like it mattered and everyone picked on them in high school. Now everyone knows they’re the ones you wind up working for as adults.

Tech companies scramble to hire them and woo them with everything from gourmet food to fitness facilities. They earn twice as much as people in most other jobs and if they aren't employed, it’s only because they will soon be creating the next Google, Facebook or Twitter in their garage. In short, Geeks are cool!
But there is a certain sub species of said geeks which is only now started to come into its own. The Geek Girl. Once dismissed as a mythical creature, geek girls are more common than you might think. Because of their rarity, geek girls have always been looked at with awe. But are geek girls really awesome? Is it worth the effort of finding one for yourself? Read on!

Tech Support
If you aren't a geek yourself, this one is a no brainer. Instead of calling up and bugging ‘that guy from IT’ you’re just one step away from instant tech support. Make sure you learn from what she does to fix your problems and let her know you appreciate it and you’re golden.
If you are a geek yourself, this means you almost never have to give tech support to her, unlike your mother and countless others in your life! On the rare occasions she does ask for help, it will likely be something complex enough that you’ll learn something too.

Sense of Humour
Ever felt that your girlfriend doesn't appreciate your jokes about Spock or references to the Death Star? Most girls won't get such cultural references and are frankly not interested. In fact, you'd be lucky if you don't get ‘the look’, the one which says I don't know what I ever saw in him. Geek girls on the other hand will laugh right along with you at xkcd and know that The Oatmeal is not a breakfast cereal!

Computer Time
Let’s face it, most guys and geeks in particular need their computer time. Whether it’s checking up on WoW one last time or laughing at LOLcats or you know actually working, they’ll often disappear behind their screens much to the girlfriend’s annoyance. But geek girls understand the need for computer time, hell they need their computer time too! So rest assured that the next time you look up from a frantic session of Halo 3 or yet another round of YouTube video memes, you won’t find an exasperated girl on the other side.

In fact the two of you could spend some quality time in front of the screen together. Just imagine the hours you could spend building your next computer rig or setting up the media server to stream movies to your TV. What you consider to be a fun time and which looks like slow torture to others, probably looks interesting to her too! Which means the both of you will spend a lot less time dragging the other into doing something they don’t really want to and a lot more time having fun.

Keeping Up with the Latest
‘The new ICS based CM9 ROM just dropped for the Galaxy S II!’
‘Firefox will have a native metro app for Windows 8!’

While making perfect sense to you, it actually sounds like gibberish to your iPhone toting non geek girlfriend. But this might well be something your girlfriend says to you, if she’s a geek. Dreaming about your next Android phone purchase? She’ll tell you that it’ll be in shops next week. Wondering whether Windows 8 has support for DVD playback? She’ll be sure to know. This means you can go about doing your own thing, safe in the knowledge that she’ll alert you if something really exciting happens. And by exciting I don’t mean the next saas bahu serial or reality show on TV!

Sharing Gadgets
Even if you keep your gadgets separate, there will be some stuff that the two of you will have to share, say the TV or the HTPC or the desktop. Or maybe her laptop is being fixed and she needs to borrow yours for a couple of days. Does the thought of her in control of your gadgets give you the heebie jeebies? Not that she’ll wreck it but what might she not do to your carefully crafted music collection? Or the meticulous folder structure you've built up?

With a geek girl, you needn't worry about any of that. She’ll treat gadgets with the care they deserve and since the two of you worked together setting up your media collection or building the HTPC she knows exactly what to do with them and not! You’ll never come home expecting to watch the latest season of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ which you have carefully streamed/torrented and instead find that she deleted all those ‘crappy shows that you watch’ to make room for Desperate Housewives!

Geek Girls Are Still Girls
geek stickerWhile there a lot of geek guys who seem to be more geek than guy, the same isn’t true for geek girls. She’ll still dress well and wear makeup, she’s just not obsessed with the mirror. For the most part she’ll also have the social skills that you may lack and have other interests outside of technology and gadgets. And while geek girls can be more forgiving than most, you still have to remember birthdays and anniversaries! But she’ll probably hook you up with a reminder/calendar app to help with that, if you ask nicely that is! 

Depending on how you look at it, geek girls can be more ‘high maintenance’ than other girls – let’s just say perfume and flowers may not cut it for her next birthday. But they’re definitely worth the effort. Even more so if you’re a geek yourself. So if you’re lucky enough to find one, thank your stars and set yourself to keeping her around!

P.S: Props to all who counted 6 reasons. Top 5 reasons sounds better though, so I’m keeping the title!


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