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A Safari On Windows

I have a confession to make. I am a geek, or to be more accurate, I’m a female geek. And as you can see from some of my posts earlier, I tend to experiment a lot with software. Still, I do have my favourites that I absolutely have to have on my rig like Firefox , Find and Run Robot , Evernote etc. These are the applications that I practically have long term relationships with. I had tried out most if not all the alternatives available out there before settling down.  That however doesn’t mean developers stop making competitors in the hopes of enticing me to switch. Particularly in the case of browsers. Where once I had just 2 choices – IE or Firefox, now its a battle zone with new versions being released practically every month.  The list continues to grow with IE 9, Firefox 4, Google Chrome 6, Opera 10, Safari…Although I’ve had brief flirtations with all of them at some point or the other, I kept going back to Firefox.  A couple of days ago,RS suggested that I give Saf

Women, Wine And Song

Those of you who actually read my blog would have noticed a dramatic decrease in the frequency of my posting in the last few months. Heck let’s face it, I barely blogged at all. So what happened? I have 3 letters for you – LIC. Life's junk will suck the will right out you Hold on Lord I can't do it with out you Seems like a lot of grey in the world Women Wine and Song, Women Wine and Song Will make you all move along to a lovely beat… Replace Life with LIC and you’re all set. Anyway now that life’s settled down – somewhat – I’ll be writing more often. Speaking of life, it’s been great living on my own. Finally, now that I’ve cut the cord, I get to put my money where my mouth is. I’ve my own place & I’m even learning how to cook! (yup Hell has frozen over ). A girl could get used to this stuff. The only downside? Now all my friends are long distance calls away. Oh well gotta take the good with the bad. And there’s plenty of the bad, mostly to do with work. Workin

How Much Space Does One AAO Need?

Once upon a time - like before you and your parents were even born – this was the question facing the LIC of India. You see, the powers that be were deciding something called the Staff Rules & Regulations, xxxx. Part of which was to decide how to allocate/price lease agreements. * Cut scene * It’s evident that a great undertaking is in progress… Four & twenty men, gathered round a huge table, papers scattered everywhere… Their faces lined with stress, the atmosphere fairly crackles with the unspoken tension…The terrible question faces them all: Will the Staff Rules & Regulations be ready for the unveiling in just 2 days? Note: The following dialogue has been translated from Hindi to English for our readers’ edification. Fat Old Man 1: Now let’s concentrate people! We have got just two more days before we hand over this complicated set of rules to the employees. We need to draft them and we don’t have much time! Fat Old Man 2: All right! Calm down. Ther