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The Long Version: What can I say? The 3 month theoretical training at ZTC, ostensibly to educate us new recruits about insurance in general and LIC in particular, turned out to be more like cult initiation rites. Cult??! Stop the presses… I was supposed to be joining a professional organization which has stood its ground against the onslaught of private players and managed to beat them at their own game too, not some weird cult. So which is it? You decide. What I found about LIC during my long and mentally exhausting (for being way too boring) training: The Guru aka LIC is always right. You are always wrong. Cult-speak. Group-think, suppression of dissent, and enforced conformity in thinking Irrationality. Suspension of disbelief. Insistence that the cult is THE ONLY WAY. The cult and its members are special. Unquestionable dogma, sacred science and infallible ideology. Indoctrination of members. Dual Purposes, Hidden Agendas an