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The Road Less Travelled…

2011 has been a particularly good gadget year for me. I started out by getting my laptop in January, followed it up with my Samsung Galaxy S 2 this June and to top it all off, I’m finally getting my Nook reader next week!

The laptop and phone acquisition process were pretty straight forward: walk into store, pay and take it home. Not so with my Nook. For starters, you can’t get it in India – offline anyway. So I had to find someone else who could buy it in the US and then getting it here. That was solved rather simply by my dad. His boss was on vacation there currently (serendipity or what!) and he bought a Nook colour for my sister and Nook Touch for me.

Now came the next phase of the problem. How do I get it to Hyderabad? Sending it through courier was not an option. Again, I found a solution in the unlikeliest of places. One of my friends Kunal, had just asked me if my dad could get a package for him to Delhi from Hyderabad. While that didn’t happen for a whole lot of reasons, I realized he could help me get  my Nook in the other direction. His sister lives here and his mother was flying down to visit (again serendipitously) and voila! My Nook is finally here.

Not that I’ve actually managed to get my hands on it yet. Given that his sister lives about 20 kms away which easily translates into a 2 hour drive, I’ve still not been able to get my Nook.The gadget that crossed an ocean and continents in less than 2 days, now takes 10 days to get to me in the same city! I guess I should just be thankful that it has made it this far at least, thanks to Kunal. While he’s usually as ass, this time he was nice enough to even pick it up from my place for me. So Kunal if you’re reading this, I owe you one.

Ironic that the least expensive gadget is taking me the longest to get my hands on. I’m looking forward to many many hours of happy reading on my Nook. It might possibly be the answer to my prayers. I’ve tried reading on my laptops and my phone to no avail. My laptop forces me to sit in one position which is not feasible considering I tend to read for hours at a time. My phone screen doesn’t have that problem but then again reading on such a tiny screen is painful, to say the least. I can probably read to while away the time while waiting for the doctor or something, but reading LOTR on it would be practically impossible.

Stay tuned to read more about how the Nook has changed my life next week!


  1. How is the NOOk affecting ur life? has it changed ur daily evolution of the boring routine ;P It has been more than 10 days and please do tell me how the Nook has been looking upon ur life?


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