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Coloring with Pastels

Coloring backgrounds can be finicky, time-consuming and frustrating. In fact, many people skip doing the background altogether. But it can be fun to add colors to the sky or sea. I often try to create different effects that make the central image stand out from the page (night sky, underwater ocean). The problem with coloring the backgrounds is that it is a wide open space and most mediums will have issues with either coverage or time.

Suppose you want to do the background with colored pencil just like the rest of your page. They can give a really soft effect but it will take you hours to fill up all that space. If you're not careful, your pencil strokes can get streaky and it is pretty difficult to get a smooth finish even with the colorless blender. Now pens and markers are often quicker but it is even more difficult to get smooth blends. So what is a colorist to do?

Try a new medium of course! Soft pastels – also called chalk pastels – are the solution to your background woes. Yo…

Book Review: Enchanted Forest

This week's book is by Johanna Basford again! I've reviewed another one of her books earlier and you can read about it here. This book is the second one her series and it's called Enchanted Forest. I love Johanna's artwork and this book is one of my favorites!

Book - Enchanted Forest
Author - Johanna Basford


Like most coloring books, Enchanted Forest is available on Amazon. Johanna's books always include a hidden object type of game where she includes certain small objects in various stages and you have to find them. There is a list of objects that you can find and a key at the back of the book with the solutions. You can totally ignore it if you don't like that sort of thing but it's a fun activity while coloring.

This book contains many double-page spreads that will take quite some time to finish. Most of them do not go into the spine of the book but there are a few that will give you trouble. On the other hand, the book lays relatively flat so it&…

General Tips for Coloring

A while ago, I wrote a post about Tips & Hints for Coloring. I talked about getting comfortable, taking pictures and recording your colors for easy reference. Over time I've picked up several other tips from different artists, blogs, videos and my own experience. You may not use all of them but there are a few that will come in handy sometimes. I'll update this post frequently with other tips I pick up along the way.

You can use a white gel pen (like this one) or white paint marker (Uni Posca) to highlight certain elements on the page like highlights on eyes and lips or any moist/reflective surface. 
Before using any medium in a new book, test it first. Some books offer a palette or testing page for this purpose. If not, just use any of the extra pages each book comes with - the introduction, publisher info or even an actual page with a design you don't quite like.

Test mediums separately for each book and test all your mediums in each book at the outset. Just because…

Book Review: Rainforest Escape

The next book I'm reviewing today is quite an unusual one in the adult coloring book world. It's Rainforest Escape by Jade Gedeon, who is known for her one of a kind adornments. Jade Gedeon has lived in many countries and her love of nature shows through in her illustrations. Her coloring books are inspired by Trinidad where she spent her childhood and the artwork shows beautiful forests, birds and tropical animals.

Book - Rainforest Escape
Author - Jade Gedeon


Rainforest Escape is available on Amazon. It has more than 100 pages of illustrations with some double spreads sprinkled in between. There are a few introductory pages, explanations and index pages at the end of the book. Like I wrote earlier it really is an unusual book - it's made for watercolor! There are 2 unique aspects to this book:

All the images are printed on only one side. The double page spreads fold out from the center, so you don't have push your pens, pencils and brushes into the spine of …

Coloring Supplies On A Budget

Happy new year everyone! Hope you all had a great weekend with friends and family. For my first post in the new year, I wanted to write about coloring supplies for beginners. I've talked a lot about various art mediums - pens, pencils, watercolors etc. - in my previous posts. I've gone fairly in depth into each type too.

But what if you're new to coloring and just want to try it out? Maybe you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on a hobby. Or you're just confused with all the choices out there. Can you start coloring on a budget?

The answer is a resounding YES. You don't need fancy supplies to color, special types of paper or artist quality pencils. Of course you can get them later on if you want but they aren't must haves to get started with. So this post is all about what supplies you might want to get with different budgets. I put together various 'coloring kits' you can get, starting from zero! Yup, you read that right. You can start color…