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Book Review: Doodle Invasion

The second book in my review series is Doodle Invasion by Kerby Rosanes. He is an illustrator from the Philippines and his artwork consists of his famous 'critters', doodles and other fantastical imagery. Many of his pages start out as recognizable animals or things, before turning into compositions of various creatures and doodles.

Book - Doodle Invasion
Author - Kerby Rosanes


You can read about the book and  buy a copy on Amazon. It has 50 images which are printed one sided. Most of the pictures are in portrait mode and the book itself is taller than your average coloring book. There are no double spreads which most other artists seem to love and you don't have to worry about losing images to the gutter (spine or center of the book).


The artwork is what attracted me to this book. Seeing finished pictures on social media sites tempted me to get this book without reading many reviews, which I should have (more on that below). There are many different types…

Colored Pencil Techniques

Welcome back everyone! I took a break from posting here so I can study for my finals. Now that it's over, I have a little more time to spend on coloring again. So this week I'm going to focus on using different techniques with colored pencils. When we started coloring as kids, technique wasn't a word in our vocabulary. I had two goals when coloring - stay within the lines and finish the page. That's it. I always wanted more colors than my 12/24/36 pack because who knew you could get new colors just by mixing what you already had?!

But as an adult, I wanted to do better. Adult coloring books generally have better quality paper and many of us can afford to purchase better quality pencils than Crayolas. But just because I have quality supplies doesn't mean I can make better pictures. Artist quality pencils and good paper makes the coloring process faster and easier but what makes a good artist is technique and practice.

So I began to explore Youtube and coloring blog…

Book Review: Lost Ocean

Last week, I promised to start reviewing books that I have in my collection and so here is my first post in that series. I don't have that many coloring books, just about 10 or so. While just these 10 books will be more than sufficient to last me the rest of my life (and that is if I managed to color every single page), there are many people who have ten times the number of books!

The first book I'm going to be reviewing is Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford. It is the book that introduced me to the world of adult coloring and in spite of the fact that I think I have better books in my collection now, I still have a special place for it.

Johanna Basford is a Scottish illustrator and all her coloring books feature hand drawn creations in black and white. She prefers using traditional pen and paper to digital art. Her designs are usually intricate and contain mostly natural features like plants and animals.

Book - Lost Ocean
Author - Johanna Basford


You can easily find detai…