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Some Coloring Books ARE Better Than Others

Way back in April, I stumbled on a coloring book at a game store and thus began my journey into the world of adult coloring (why do we call it that?!). I started off with that one book, now my collection has grown to 10 (more or less). Recently I realized that despite writing so much on my hobby and the tools involved, I never actually talked about the books themselves. So I'll review the books in my collection one by one. But before we get to that, this post will talk about how to evaluate coloring books in general for quality and value.

What to Look for in a Coloring Book

First off, whether or not you will like a book depends to a large extent on the subject matter. Some people like to color landscapes, while others prefer animals or abstract designs and so on. You may like having one of each or simply collect them as you find them online or in a bookstore. But there are some things you should watch out for when buying a book:

Paper Quality

Some papers are absolutely amazing for …

Recording Your Colors

Roughly 3 weeks ago, I finished my Jellyfish from Lost Ocean and started on another project. Since I had amassed more than 400 pencils in pursuit of my coloring hobby, it was about time I started recording all the colors I had. I talked about it in a previous post as something that would help any colorist.

There are many reasons you might want to have an organized list of all your colors. For one thing it helps you get to know them. If you're anything like me, you may have hundreds of pencils, pens, markers and paints across a bunch of different brands. Even if two pencils in different brands have the same name, it doesn't mean they will look the same. Recording your pencils gives you a feel for them, so you know exactly what shades you have in your toolkit.

Most pencils will have the color on the outside either at the tip or the whole body. But often what it looks like on the pencils will not match how it goes down on the paper. Having them all in a journal means you know how…

Organizing Your Coloring Supplies

Coloring is easy enough to get started with - all you need is a book you like and some pencils or pens you have lying around. But as with any hobby, there are always more and better supplies just round the corner! It started out innocently enough for me, I spotted a book in the store and bought it entirely on impulse.

Pretty soon I was caught up in all the beautiful books out there for colorists, not to mention good quality supplies. It's been a little more then 6 months since I started coloring and already I've amassed an impressive collection of books and coloring supplies. So how do you store your pencils/pens when you have so many? Well turns out there are many options before you. Here are a few ways you can store your supplies:

The Original Tin
If you're buying quality pencils or pens, they usually come well packaged in tin or wooden boxes. The wood cases are stunning to look at but often take up a lot of room, not to mention they can be twice the price of the tin cas…