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My New Coloring Book!

A couple of months ago, I discovered that adult coloring books were A THING. They are credited with reviving the print books industry (vs e-books) in various countries, causing a worldwide pencil shortage and are even outselling cook books on Amazon! All that for humble coloring books? Hard to believe isn't it?

Well it is true. But why do adults need their own coloring books? Can't you just pick up something from the nearest supermarket? I can hear you wondering. I can only assume that you don't have kids or haven't been around kids for a while. If you look around the supermarket in the art supplies section, you will stumble upon coloring books for children. Unless you are a huge fan of Disney, you will want coloring books for adults!

I actually stumbled back into coloring when I visited a toy & games store. As I flipped through Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford, I immediately had to have it. It was only later than I found out that adult coloring is a thing. Some peopl…