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Coloring Suppplies - Pens and Markers

In my last post, I talked about color pencils, the various types you can get and how much to spend on them. Colored pencils are not the only medium suitable for coloring though. There are a variety of pens, fineliners and markers that you could use as well. Unlike color pencils though, these come with a caveat: they won't be suitable for every coloring book out there.

That being said, there are many reasons to prefer markers over pencils: they have more vibrant colors, they can be used to cover large areas quickly and they are easier on your wrists/eyes/arms than pencils. So if your chosen coloring book has pictures on one side only or has thick enough paper to take pens/markers, by all means go for it!

Always test pens and markers at the back of the book before starting a picture.

Types of Markers

There are two types of markers you can get - alcohol based or water based pens. There are expensive and cheap brands in both types so feel free to experiment. Water based markers are les…

Art Supplies for Colorists

Getting started with coloring can be as easy or as difficult as any other creative pursuit. Some supplies I bought when I first started coloring were not very good while others weren't quite suited to my purposes. Looking back, I could have saved myself a hundred bucks or so if I had given some of them a miss or if I had known then what I do now. So I figured I might as well write down my mistakes to help others avoid them.

When it comes to art supplies, it's a simple matter of price vs quality. You do get what you pay for but it doesn't automatically mean you've to spend thousands on the best pens, pencils or paints. The paper quality in adult coloring books can vary quite a lot so the most versatile medium is colored pencils. They won't bleed through even the worst quality paper, so you can use them without fear.

So my first post on art supplies will focus on colored pencils.

Colored Pencils

Scholastic Grade

The cheapest pencils you can get would be something at y…

Coloring Updates

Hello everyone, I know it's been a while since there has been any activity around here but I'm back! Around 3-4 months ago I wrote about my latest hobby/obsession - coloring or to be more precise, coloring books for adults. What started out as a simple distraction has now become so much more. I think it's about time I upgraded coloring to the status of HOBBY. I've amassed quite a few art supplies over the last few months and even introduced my mom to coloring.
So what have I been coloring since May? These are my latest completed pictures from various coloring books. It doesn't seem like a lot of pages but since each image takes anywhere from 20 - 30 hours, there's not many I've finished. I'm learning new techniques practically every week and I've even ventured into watercolors! Coloring is one of the few things I do that doesn't require me to stare at a screen and it has a firm place in my roster - as of now.

My current work in progress is a pic…